Love and Infatuation Contrasted

Love is a precious gift from Jesus. Pure and holy affection is not feeling, but a principle. Those who are actuated by true love are neither unreasonable nor blind. True love is a high and holy principle, different in character from that love which is awakened by impulse, and which suddenly dies when severely tested. Love is plant of heavenly growth, and it must be nourished.

Love is not unreasonable; it is not blind. It is pure and holy. but the passion of the natural heart is another thing. Pure love will take God into all it’s plans; passion will be headstrong, rash, unreasonable and defiant of all restraint. In all the deportment of one who possesses true love, the grace of God will be shown.

Modesty, simplicity, sincerity, morality, and religion will characterize every step toward an alliance in marriage. Love which has no better foundation than mere sensual gratification will be headstrong, blind and uncontrollable. Honor, truth, and every noble, elevated power of the mind are brought under the slavery of passions. The man who is bound in the chains of this infatuation is often deaf to the voice of reason and conscience; neither argument nor entreaty can lead him to see the folly of his course


500 × 313 – IS IT LOVE? or INFATUATION .

True love is not strong. Fiery, impetuous passion. On the contrary, it is calm and deep in it’s nature. It looks beyond mere externals, and is attracted by qualities alone. It is wise and discriminating, and it’s devotion is real abiding. Love is revealed in words and acts. A Christian must have in which there is no impatience of fretfulness.

Imagination, lovesick sentimentalism, should be guarded against as would be the leprosy. Many of the young men and women in this age of the world are lacking in virtue; therefore great caution is needed. Those who have preserved a virtuous character, although they may lack in other desirable qualities, may be of real moral worth. The young are bewitched with the mania for courtship and marriage. Lovesick sentimentalism prevails. Great vigilance and fact are needed to guard the youth from these wrong influences.

Daughters are not taught self control. They are petted, and their pride is fostered. They are allowed to have their own way, until they become headstrong and self willed. Satan is leading them on to be a proverb in the month of unbelievers because of their lack of reserve and womanly modesty. The young boys are likewise left to have their own way. They have scarey entered their teens before they are by the side of little girls accompanying them home and making love to them

Turn your mind away from romantic projects. You mingle with your religion a romantic, sentimentalism, which does not elevate, but only lowers. It is not yourself alone who is affected; others are injured by your example and influence. Day dreaming and romantic castle building have unfitted you for useless. You have lived in an imaginary world; you have been an imaginary Christian.

We are now in your students life; let our mind dwell upon spiritual subjects. Keep all sentimentalism apart from our life. We must give our self- instruction and self- control. Nothing with us is to be considered unimportant which will detract from our highest interest, our efficiency in the preparation to do the work God has assigned us.

We can see that innumerable difficulties meet us at every step. The iniquity that is cherished by young as well as old; the unwise courtship and marriages cannot fail to result in alienation, indulgence of unbridled passions, unfaithfulness of husbands and wives, in ordinate desires, and in indifference to the things of eternal interest. The holiness of the oracles of god is not loved by very many who claim to be Bible Christians. They show by their loose conduct that they prefer a wider scope.

Gird up our mind, not allowing our thoughts to have full scope. The thoughts may be guarded by our own determined efforts. Think right thoughts, and we will perform right actions. Jesus has purchased us with it’s own life; we belong to him. Therefore he is to be consulted in all things.

Growing A Happy Home

The home is an institution of God. God designed that in the family circle father, mother, and children, should exist in this world as a firm. The work of making home happy does not rest upon the mother alone. Father have an important part to act. The husband is the house- band of the home treasures, binding by his strong, earnest, devoted affection the members of the household. his name, “house- band”, is the true definition of husband.

As the head of the household, the wife looks to him for love and sympathy and for aid in the training for the children. The children look to the father support and guidance. He should be controlled by the love and fear of God and by the teaching of his word, that he may guide the feet of his children in the right way. The father should do his part toward making home happy. Whatever his cares and business perplexities, they should not be permitted to over shadow his family. He should enter his home with smiles and pleasant words.


400 × 293 – Home Contruction Gallery

Too many care and burdens are brought into our family and too little of natural simplicity and peace and happiness is cherished. There should be less care for what the outside world will say, and more thoughtful attention to the members of the family circle. There should be less display of affection of worldly politeness, and much more tenderness and love, cheerfulness and Christian courtesy among the members of the household. There are more valuable than wealth and luxury. Contentment with simple things will make home happy if love be there.

Jesus, our Redeemer, walked the earth with the dignity of a king. Yet he was meek and lowly of heart. He was a light and blessing in every home because he carried cheerfulness, hope, and courage with him. It is better to endure cheerfully every inconvenience than to part with peace and contentment.

Life is what we make it, and we shall find what we look for. If we look for sadness and trouble, if we are in a frame of mind to magnify little difficulties, we shall find plenty of them to engross our thoughts and conversation. But if we look on the bright side of things, we shall find enough to make us cheerful and happy. If we give smiles, they will be returned to us. If w speak pleasant, cheerful words, they will be spoken to us again.

It is the duty of everyone to cultivate cheerfulness instead of brooding over sorrow and troubles. Many not make themselves wretched in this way, but they sacrifice health and happiness to a morbid imagination. There are thing in their surroundings that are not agreeable. Their countenances wear a continual frown that expresses discontent. These depressing emotions are a great injury to them health wise.

Parents, smile if your heart is sad, let not your face reveal the fact. Let the sunshine from a loving, grateful heart light up the countenance. Unbend from your iron dignity, adapt yourselves to the children’s needs and make them love. You must win their affection, if you would impress truth upon their heart.

The voice is an entrusted talent, and it should be used to held encourage and strengthen our fellow men. If parents will love God, their language will not savor of sickly sentimentalism. It will be a sound, pure, edifying character. Their words will be well chosen weather they are at home or abroad. They will descend to no cheapness.

We are living in a most solemn period of their history. There is never time to sin. It is always perilous to continue in transgression, but in a special sense is this true at the present time. We are now upon the very borders of the eternal world and stand in a more solemn relation to time and eternity than ever before. now let every person search his own heart and plead for the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness to expel all spiritual darkness and cleanse from defilement.

Let the world see that we are not selfishly absorbed in our own interest, but that we desire others to share our blessing are privileges. Let them see that our religion does not make us unsympathetic exacting. Let all who profess to have found Christ minister as he did for the benefit of men. If we are courteous and gentle at home. We shall carry the savor of a pleasant disposition when away from home. If we manifest for forbearance, patience, meekness and fortitude in the home, we shall be able to be a light to the world.

For the past 3 years i can still remember the bond we’ve made with my two puppy named Scrappy and Star. For having this two puppy, the love and care I’ve shown to them is not enough for me to accept the fact that Not all things would last longer.The excitement i always feel with my two puppy shows when i come home, the wagging tail at the sound of the leash being taken from its hook, the delight in the tossing of a tennis ball, and the head nestled in your lap-those are only some of the rewards of being a proud dog owner.Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it’s a responsibility. Being a foster dog owner is commendable, but yes, it has to be very difficult in giving them up.

Like to my situation with my two puppies.The bond was still getting stronger as the days go by. But as the days past by, because I’m a students. Sometimes i cannot give them time and because of that reason until now i always regret. How could i suppose to let and neglect them? When my parents decided to give them to someone else.But thank God because I know early already that my parents had a planned for giving my two puppy to others.

 The fair of being a dog owner was still their because as i observed, theirs something wrong about Star- but when i check her up his quiet okay. After 2 weeks i was shock when i saw-Star lying and her small home, I’m so nervous


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